What our customers say:

Thanks once again Colin - I'm enjoying listening to music so much! The difference really is staggering.

Chris Tarling - Gloucester - Meridian 200

The upgrade has given my old CD63 KI a new lease of life. The separation of the instruments is truly superb and the new levels of detail being pulled off the disc makes it sound like a far classier and cultured player. Vocals sound more life like and have a real ability to send a shiver down your spine. The timing and rhythm of the player have been greatly improved making it far more musical.

Thanks again for your help and I'm still smiling every time I listen.

Andrew Kent - Plymouth - CD63KI

I was expecting to hear subtle improvements but I was wrong. The improvements are massive, and the music just comes alive. All areas gain significantly: The bass is sweet, vocals seem as if the singer has walked off the stage and standing in front of me and the treble has lost its hardness. The whole thing just sounds different but much much better.

Tony Barnard - High Wycombe - Accuphase DP55

Not to labour the point too much, I am impressed: impressed with the way you installed the “fixtures and fittings” and impressed with the sound.

Even at the beginning, the sound image was significantly cleaner, smoother and more coherent than before, and both voices and musical instruments were clearly located in a broad sound-stage. I felt the upgrade had come up to expectations and my money had been well spent.

That was on Wednesday evening. By Friday evening, having played a variety of CD’s for about 16 hours, the further improvement in sound quality was quite remarkable. The bass had became much more powerful and controlled, and baroque strings had acquired a fine sheen.

Stuart Rothey - Essex - Arcam Alpha

For years I was disappointed with the sound of CD, despite owning (from 1992) a top-end Radford player (basically a Philips 850 with Radford's own audio board and power supply). A couple of years ago I sent the player to Colin at CPT Acoustics, who transformed this machine with a Trichord Clock 3 and Power Supply and extensive work to the audio board, including adding CPT’s own, giant “paper in oil” output coupling capacitors.

The initial work transformed the sound to the point where I could play it happily alongside a decent record deck.

Recently CPT fitted a Trichord Never-Connected power supply. If you have not heard one of these (and who has?), the improvement is enormous. Now the player is comfortably better than my record deck. The bass is staggeringly good and the machine sounds more delicate and musical. .

My Radford is simply the best CD player I have yet heard. I am constantly surprised and delighted by its sheer musicality - light, fast, delicate, with a wonderful bass, excellent sound staging and timing. It is a completely different machine to the worthy but rather dull player I used to own.

The old power supply went into my daughter's Arcam Alpha 1 with a second hand Clock 3, plus a change of op-amps and output coupling capacitors on the audio board. This upgrade, which cost a quarter of mine is makes the machine sound light, rhythmic, musical and fun to listen to. The bass in particular is much improved and the sound has lost its former fuzzy quality.

If you own a decent CD player, it is much cheaper to get CPT to work their magic on it, than to buy a new and better machine. *Do* pay the extra for a Never-Connected (strange name!) power supply if you are having the Clock 3 or Clock 4 fitted. And if you have spare change, get Colin to tweak up the rest of the player too!

Ian Caldwell - Beverley, East Yorkshire - Radford